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Lessons Learned from Mom– il più bel post che ho letto negli ultimi mesi

(c) Lorenzo Barbieri - 08/05/2010

La mamma è sempre la mamma... e non solo per noi italiani!

Tanti auguri per domani, mamma! Left hugPrincess Red rose

“A mother understands what a child does not say.” — Author Unknown

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, this one’s for Mom. Everything I needed to learn in life, I didn’t learn in kindergarten.  No, I got an earlier start. I learned from Mom. (Besides, in kindergarten, I was way too busy with the arts – finger painting, tasting glue,  drawing hand turkeys, etc.)

The most important thing my Mom taught me is to follow my dreams—in a big way.  Dream big, follow my dreams, and give it all I’ve got.  If I reach for the stars and get lucky, then count my lucky stars. If I fall down along the way, get up and try again. It’s that simple.

Leggete tutto alla fonte, è veramente bello: Lessons Learned from Mom

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