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Lo voglio!!!!!!!

(c) Lorenzo Barbieri - 28/08/2009

Spettacolare!!! Altro che netbook…

A company called gScreen, based in Alaska, has created a two-screen laptop that's the first I've seen to feature full size screens side-by-side. A unique sliding mechanism has the screens sandwiched together when the laptop is closed, but the one in back goes to the left and the one in front goes to the right until they're side-by-side. The picture shows gScreen's dual dual 15.4-inch unit, but company plans dual 16- or 17-inch screens. The laptops will run Windows 7 powered by Intel Core 2 Duo chips. The company plans to have these out by Christmas starting at less than $3,000, so be good for goodness sake! (Props to Gizmodo)

Fonte: New laptop sports two full-size screens!

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