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Altre informazioni su Teamprise

(c) Lorenzo Barbieri - 09/11/2009

Le trovate qui e nella FAQ.

In particolare

7.  When will the Teamprise products be incorporated into Visual Studio?
Microsoft is committed to the future of the Teamprise-based technology and will be incorporating these tools into Visual Studio 2010, with Microsoft’s release of the Teamprise-based technologies available around the same time as the Visual Studio 2010 launch. The new product will be priced at $799 (USD) and will include the Teamprise-based technology and will support a large portion of the Team Foundation Server 2010 feature set while still being compatible with Team Foundation Server 2005 and 2008 versions. This product will also include one (1) Team Foundation Server Client Access License (CAL). The new product will also be included as an MSDN subscription benefit for customers with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN.

E, una cosa che mi riguarda da vicino, riguardando un amico:

8.  Did Microsoft hire any of the Teamprise developers in this asset acquisition?
Microsoft has hired some of the Teamprise team members, who will help develop Microsoft’s Teamprise-based product.

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