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Blu-Ray e DVD sullo stesso disco?

(c) Lorenzo Barbieri - 21/12/2008

Per me sarebbe l’uovo di Colombo… oggi uno compra un DVD, e domani lo usa nel lettore Blu-Ray senza perdere nulla in qualità. Chissà se le case decideranno di adottarlo…

A Japanese software company called Pony/Canon (sounds like a Civil War-era weapons system) announced the February release of the first-ever movie title to be released on a hybrid Blu-Ray/DVD disc. The disc layers one format on top of the other on the same side of the disc. The outside layer reads but reflects Blu-Ray blue laser light, but allows through DVD red laser light, which is read on the inside layer. It's compatible with existing Blu-Ray and DVD players, according to the company.

Fonte: Hybrid Blu-Ray and DVD Movie Disc Announced

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