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Come forzare l’802.11g su Windows Mobile

(c) Lorenzo Barbieri - 18/12/2008

Ora capisco perchè dopo aver messo “g-only” sul router in Samsung non si collegava più…

As far as industry standard goes, WLAN standard “b” supports speeds up to 11 Mbps while WLAN standard “g” supports speeds up to 54 Mbps.
That being said, you can improve your WLAN speeds on your Windows Mobile Professional device by enabling the “g mode” of your device’s WLAN card (disabled by default on most devices). While playing with SKTools, I discovered a registry change that you can undertake to achieve this. Download the cab and install it to device, the soft reset. It will change the value of dot11SupportedRateMaskG from the default 4 (1 in some cases) to 8 inside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMM\TNETWLN1\PARMS.
Note: Some devices don't have that structure in the registry. If it's your case, our cab will create it automatically.
For comparison, we have benchmarked internet speed on a Touch HD, using the mobile speed test from DSLReports; needless to say, after enabling the “g mode”, internet speed boosted up to more than 3 times before, from 540 kbit/sec and 15.261 sec to 1731 kbit/sec and 4.917 sec.
Note: you need to connect to an 802.11g enabled access point in order to achieve these results. Connecting to a 802.11b will not benefit from any speed increase as "g mode" needs to be supported on both ends.

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